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Veronica Figuera

Veronica Figuera has inspired millions. Her true-life story of suffering through poverty, pain, betrayal to ultimate success and vindication is riveting. Today, Veronica is one of only 20 Agents in the Nation who is a Zillow Agent Advisory Board Member. She is also a National Speaker for Zillow, NARHEP, and INMAN Connect. Like millions of others, she has an incredible story to share. Let our certified ghostwriters and editors help you tell your story in a professional manner that will elicit emotion and connect people to you.

Eli is a Best-Selling Ghostwriter and a former Senior Ghostwriter for one of the largest publishing companies in the country. With over 70 books successfully written and published, Eli has seen it all when it comes to seeing books through from concept to completion.

One of Eli’s greatest achievements has been curating a vastly educated group of writers who are passionate about what they do. He expertly teaches on the nuances of ghostwriting and has amassed a stable of writers so that we can match our client with a writer who is well versed on the core topic of their book.


Benefits Of Working With Us

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Access To A Highly-Qualified Team Of Writers

In order for your book to be expertly-written, you need to be an expert writer… Or at least have access to one. When you become a TGP client, you have the assurance that your authored piece will be handled by our group of expert storytellers and writers.

Payment Plans

Writing a book is a valuable investment, but it doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. Ask us about our flexible plans, and you will be surprised at what it takes to make your goals a reality.

Done-For-You Service

You’re a busy person, and we respect that. This is why we make the load as light as possible on you. No grueling over a Word-processor for months, we handle everything for you.


Eli Gonzalez


Our Solution

We solve those issues by taking on the most difficult tasks required for writing a book by actually writing it for you, while you remain focused on telling your story through our writers.

And because our expert team has already published numerous titles, you can be sure our eye is always set on the big picture of your book becoming a total success.



Becoming an author brings prestige, credibility, notoriety, and respect. Our professional ghostwriting service will allow you to become the author of a book far better than you could write yourself.

Developmental Editing

In cases where you might already have a portion of your new book written, we take a critical “big picture” look at it, and modify it so that it is in line with the grand vision of the book you aspire to have.

Proof-Reading and Line Editing

An impressive book is not only about great content, but also its quality. Our language experts filter your text to ensure all errors, style issues, and grammar problems are fixed. In comes raw text, out comes pure brilliance.

Book Coaching

TG Publishing can help you through the process of writing your book. We will help you through the typical challenges and hurdles that authors encounter.


If you have been thinking about going on a book writing adventure, TG Publishing offers workshops that can help you navigate those scary first steps and guide you through the process of becoming a writer or an author.

Spanish book translation

Tap into a vast market (both Hispanics in the U.S.A. as well as Latin America) by having your message properly translated into Spanish.

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